ponedeljek, 03. december 2007


It was beautiful and sunny Friday. I arranged with my friends about boarding. I was very happy, I couldn`t wait till tomorrow. Saturday morning came and we arrived at the appointed time.
The drive took one hour and thirty minutes and all the time it was sunny. When we departured at the ski slope we took a few downhill ski race. It began drizzling and we were in doubt what to do.
the weather didn`t show its dark side, but nevertheless we decided to go. We were very sad because the weather obviated enjoyment on the snow. During the drive the rain became stronger and stronger. In the evening I was sit in the sofa to look the news. I heard that in the ski slope where I was. It was so strong rain and wind that they must close it. Some poeple were injured and two are missed. I was so happy that we went home at the right time and nobody of us aren`t hurt now. I still now thanks God for it.

petek, 12. oktober 2007


My name is Valter. my surname is Jejčič. I live in Dolenje near Ajdovščina. I am 20 years old.
My hobbies are horse riding and driving motorbikes. I like animals.